Rogers Communications is taking its mobile phone customer service business into the realm of the web.

The company announced Monday that it will start offering an app to help users find their local phone number, but it won’t be able to do so with the help of the internet.

Instead, the company will be using its existing mobile phone numbers.

“We’re going to be able do more with the phone numbers that we already have,” Rogers CEO Chris Parsons said.

The announcement comes amid a wave of mobile phone operators making moves to increase their presence on the web, as mobile devices continue to grow and reach new audiences.

“Rogers customers are already very engaged in mobile, and we’re going after the customer engagement that’s happening on mobile,” Parsons said during a briefing Monday.

“What we’re not doing is creating a new platform.”

The move comes at a time when more and more companies are trying to get into the mobile phone game.

Companies are exploring how to reach the growing audience that will come online over the next few years.

The smartphone industry is expected to grow to more than $100 billion in revenue by 2025, up from $73 billion today, according to IDC.

The growth in smartphone users is largely fueled by the growing popularity of online gaming, which has seen its user base explode in recent years.

More and more people are turning to the internet to learn about their local area or find out what is happening in their city, which is why the Rogers announcement is a big deal.

“Mobile phones have become a very important way for people to interact with the world,” Parsons told the audience at Rogers’ Canada Day press conference.

“They are a very useful tool for getting information about things, finding places to eat, finding things to do, and finding things that are important to them.

And that’s going to continue to evolve over time.”

Parsons noted that the Rogers app will be “in the hands of a wide range of consumers.”

He did not say when it will be available to download.

Rogers said it is currently testing the app out and is looking for feedback from users before making a decision on its release.

He also noted that Rogers has already started working with several other phone companies to build their own mobile phone apps.

“As a company that’s focused on the mobile, we want to make sure we are in a position where we can get to market with these,” Parsons added.

The new mobile phone app will not replace the Rogers mobile phone service, which was launched in late 2018.

Instead the Rogers customer service app will provide a unified experience for customers to find and manage all their Rogers services and services.

The Rogers mobile app will have a new look with new branding and features.

The app will allow users to: • Search for a local phone and call number • Manage the call history of their local Rogers number • Report problems with a Rogers service • Access the Rogers website • Report any issues with the service or the customer service center • Update their phone number information • Get more information about the services and events at Rogers • Get in touch with a customer support representative The Rogers customer services app was released last September, just after Rogers launched its new smartphone service, and it is a different product entirely.

Rogers has since launched its cellphone service, calling it the “Roger App,” and the company has also launched its online and social media platforms.

Parsons said the Rogers service will be a service for Rogers customers that “is built on top of what’s already there.”

“It’s the best of both worlds,” he said.

“It’ll have all of the features that customers are familiar with, but also provide more of a sense of where they’re going.”

Rogers has been making moves in the mobile app space in recent months, and Parsons said in the announcement that the company is looking to expand its presence in the area.

He noted that it has been a year since the company launched its service, but that it plans to continue adding to the platform in the coming months.

Rogers will also be releasing its online business card, a new way for Rogers to track and manage its online customers and customer service.