CNN political reporter Chris Cillizza asked President Donald Trump if he had seen him at a recent meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

Trump replied, “Not that I’m aware of.”

He was referring to a Sept. 14 meeting at the U.N. General Assembly where he said he’d made a number of “good decisions.”

The president did not provide a reason why he would not have seen Trump there, and the U-N.

website does not have a record of the meeting.

Cillizza then asked if the president was in the room.

“I’m not sure,” Trump replied.

“It was a small group, and they did some very important work.

I was watching it and the President was present, and it was very pleasant.”

Trump did not specify how he knew the president would not be there.

He then asked why the president did so much damage to the U, and Trump replied, “[The U.S.] is a great country and a great leader, but I think it is a very big, great country that we have to be a leader and be the world leader.”

He added, “I think that we’re getting into a very dangerous place.

We’ve got a tremendous military, but we’re a very, very big country that has to be able to take care of itself.”

Trump is now in his first full week in office.

He is in the midst of a controversial, controversial and unpopular presidency.

He has used his executive powers to undo the health care law, move to roll back environmental regulations and push through a tax overhaul that is the most unpopular in modern U.L.G.O.P. President Trump has also ordered a temporary halt on refugee admissions from Syria, which is currently facing a refugee crisis.