article A new kind of communication platform for parents has surfaced, one that promises to keep them connected to their kids for an extended period of time.

Spectrum Communications has announced a new, less intrusive, way for parents to communicate with their children via text message or social media.

The company says it has tested and approved the platform on more than 2 million people and says it will soon be adding support for other messaging platforms.

Spectrum will be rolling out a suite of parental and social media apps to parents this year, according to the company’s CEO and co-founder, Andrew S. Klimas.

Parents will be able to set up their own profiles, which will show their children’s interests, interests in video games, and other content.

Spectrum, which has over 2,500 parent companies in more than 20 countries, has built a new social media platform that lets parents talk to their children and share photos and videos.

“Parents will be talking to their child on the Spectrum platform,” said Sihan Jiang, Spectrum’s CEO.

Spectrum’s new messaging platform, Spectrum Social, was introduced to parents via a $300 million Series B round of funding led by venture capital firm Greylock Partners.

The app allows parents to create personalized social media profiles that can be shared with other Spectrum users, and it also lets parents communicate with other parents in the Spectrum community, as well as with the parent’s child.

Parents can set up profiles for their children, as Spectrum explains: Each parent can set their own profile, which can include a photo and video, or a profile that will be shared by their child’s friends.

Parents have the ability to share the profile with the child, as they can send messages to the child via text messaging or email, or to send their child specific content, such as a photo or video.

Spectrum says that Spectrum Social has been tested in more and more communities, including families in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

Parents may also use Spectrum’s messaging platform to: Communicate with their child and other Spectrum members to discuss topics such as music, sports, or other content that they may enjoy Spectrum’s parent tools include an interactive chat feature, which allows parents and kids to chat, share content, and interact, and a photo gallery.

Spectrum has also rolled out its own social media platforms in the past, including Spectrum Parent and Spectrum Parent, where parents can set a profile for their child, or use their own social networking account.

Spectrum and Greylok Partners were also the first companies to announce a series of investment rounds led by private equity firms.

It also recently announced the formation of a parent-focused subsidiary called Spectrum Interactive, which is focused on growing Spectrum’s product offerings, including its parent company and social platforms.

Kremers said Spectrum’s social platforms will be the platform for his company’s next round of investments.

He said that the company is targeting $1 billion in funding in its first year, and that its next round is likely to be $3 billion.

Spectrum was founded in 2015 by Krem, who previously founded social networking company Yandex, which he sold to Facebook in 2016.

Klemers, who has been the CEO of Spectrum since its early days, previously said that his company was going to have a “massive” user growth in the first quarter of 2019.

Spectrum launched in China in 2016, but was unable to make money on it due to the country’s strict laws.

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