After a video of his body being dragged from a hotel room was posted online in March 2016, authorities said the man was “probably” dead.

A day later, a man with the same name and age was found dead in a hotel pool.

The man was identified as Joseph Cerny, 43, who was from Italy.

He died from an apparent suicide.

Cerny was a former employee of an Italian software company, said Giuliano Capuzzo, a spokesman for the regional police, the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Capuzzos said the death was “not an accident.”

The video that led to the death, which was posted to social media under the name “Cerni,” was shot in Italy in March of 2016.

In the video, Cerni, wearing a white shirt, walks toward a pool in the city of Pozzallo.

He appears to be taking a shower.

The footage was later taken and uploaded to Facebook by a person who identified himself as Cerniy’s friend.

According to Capuzzi, the police identified Cernys death as a suicide.

Police in Italy, the U.K., the U, France, Germany and Canada have all said they have ruled out foul play.