MSNBC article — CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted, “A great idea for a CNN tweet today.


Trump’s opponents also praised the tweet.

“Trump’s tweet was a brilliant, brilliant move that was executed by CNN,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) tweeted.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo also praised Trump for his tweet. “

And I think it is a great move, too, because CNN will be a great ally in helping to keep people in the fold.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo also praised Trump for his tweet.

“[I]t’s an example of @CNN working with the people of this country,” he tweeted.

“@realDonaldTrump I applaud your efforts to help the middle class, the working class, and everyone else struggling to make ends meet.”

And former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile said, “It was a great tweet, great timing, great way to show the nation that CNN is an equal partner in our effort to make the economy work for everyone.”

CNN commentator Van Jones, who also is a CNN contributor, also praised it.

“It shows the Trump team is doing everything in their power to be helpful and fair to the American people,” Jones tweeted.

The tweet came just hours after Trump announced his endorsement of the presumptive Republican nominee, saying he was “honored” to announce the news.

“I’m going to make it very clear: This is a man who is going to fight for the working people of our country,” Trump said in a televised speech, adding, “And that’s why I’m endorsing him.”

CNN political commentator Brian Stahl also tweeted about the tweet, saying, “The Trump team really, really outdid themselves today.

This was a bold move and I applaud @CNNTrump for it.”

CNN contributor Ana Navarro also praised a tweet by the president.

“Congratulations @realDonaldTrump on endorsing @POTUS @realDonaldTrump, he’s the man to beat.

He will be the nominee,” Navarro tweeted.

And former Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), a Trump supporter, tweeted, “[Trump] will not be able to beat Hillary Clinton, but he will win.”

CNN Political Analyst Van Jones also congratulated Trump for the tweet: “CNN was right to congratulate the president on this bold move.

CNN has been the Trump mouthpiece, CNN is his mouthpiece.

I applaud you @CNN Trump.”

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta also praised Twitter’s tweet.

“@POTUS has been our go-to source for the best information.

@CNN is doing a great job.

I look forward to working with @realDonaldTrump,” he wrote.

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