An API is a software library, designed to be shared with developers to create new products and services.

It is not necessarily free.

The API is the part of the internet that is accessible to everyone, and for the most part, developers can access it through the APIs provided by their companies.

It also allows developers to build software for other platforms and platforms, including iOS and Android, without any restrictions.

The API is not always free.

For example, the APIs for Apple iOS and Google Chrome require you to pay a fee for access to the API.

Some developers can also charge a fee to access their API, to make sure they can keep their API free.

If you are looking for an affordable way to access the API, there are free APIs out there.

A list of the most popular APIs for mobile development.

(iStock)If you’re building an app for iOS, for example, there is a free, cross-platform API called CoreServices that allows you to build iOS applications using CoreFoundation, a framework that was developed by Apple.

You can also get a developer account and use it to build for Android, which has a different set of APIs.

(There are also developer accounts for iOS and for Windows, but the process for each is much more involved.)

There are also free apps that provide an API to developers to use to create their apps for iOS.

If your app uses the CoreServices API, you’ll need to pay an API premium, and if you’re using the CoreFoundations API, the developer will charge you for the privilege.

For Android, there’s also an Android SDK, which is the SDK that developers use to build their apps.

That’s also a very popular API for Android apps.

But, like iOS, you can also create an app and then sell it as an Android app without paying an API price.

Android apps are built using a set of libraries, known as NDKs, that are provided by Google.

Android developers can use NDK files to build Android apps and the Android SDK itself is built using these NDK libraries.

(Google says that it will charge developers for the use of the Android NDK if it’s used for non-commercial development, but it doesn’t provide any guidance on this point.)

To learn more about building Android apps, check out Android Apps: The Basics article.

You should also know that many developers pay a premium for an API.

In most cases, the premium is set by a developer who has the right to access a developer’s API.

If a developer uses a premium API, they can charge you to access it.

If you want to find out if you are eligible for a premium, check your developer dashboard for the code that the API is available for and the price of the API premium.

You may be able to find a developer dashboard that provides the data that you need, but there may also be more complicated API prices available.

The data you need to know can also be found on the API’s developer dashboard.

If the API isn’t available for the amount of premium you’re asking for, you may be eligible for another, cheaper API.

For more details on premium pricing, see How to figure out if an API is free.

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