Digital communications is the process by which people can send, receive and exchange information online, and it has long been the province’s top priority.

The digital transition is set to begin with a launch of the RTOs new digital services this week.

The new digital service will allow the province to provide digital services to the public.

The services include:The RTO will be offering a digital service to its members starting on Thursday and it will be available across the province through its digital service portal.

Digital services will also be available for the public through a number of public service departments, including education, the health and social care sectors, the courts and police services.

The RTA has also said it will create a digital portal to offer digital services and services through the RTA.

The digital services will be delivered to all of the province, and will be in the public interest, RTA chief executive John McDonagh said in a statement.

It is a big move for the RTC, which has traditionally been the only digital service provider in the province.

But it comes at a time when other provinces have started offering digital services, including Manitoba.

The province is currently running its own digital service, and is looking to provide the same services to residents.

McDonagh did not give an exact date for the digital services launch.

“It will be an opportunity for the province as a whole to deliver services that the RTS (RTO) and the RTP (Rural Ontario) have been delivering to the province for years,” he said.

The services are expected to be available in a few weeks.

The provincial government is also looking to create a new digital portal that will allow members to access the digital service.

The portal will include links to information and resources, including websites and apps, the RTV’s Paul Giambastiani said in an interview.

The portal will be launched this week, he said, adding that it will give members the option to download content and other resources.

Giambassiani said the digital portal will allow a better understanding of the digital economy, and he expects it will allow people to access more of the services they need.