Posted November 15, 2018 07:06:52By Chris PriestmanYou may have noticed the name “Frozen Synapse” on the title screen of the Frozen Synapse demo, which we recently revealed at E3.

But the title is actually a reference to the game’s most iconic concept: the concept of “Passive Communication”.

As mentioned above, there are three main modes of communication in Frozen Synaptic, and they all come with their own limitations.

First is “Active Communication”.

You can only communicate with your character and teammates, but you can chat, send emails, and more.

Second is “Passives Communication”.

This mode is where you can only do passive communication with other players, but the chat options are pretty limited, as well as the ability to create private messages with other friends.

Third is “No-Passive”.

In this mode, you can’t communicate with other characters, but can create and send messages to other players.

The game’s third mode, “All West Communications”, lets you interact with any player in the game, including teammates.

It’s where you’ll find the most of the game at launch, though you can also use this mode to play offline with your friends.

We don’t have any additional details on the other three modes yet, though we do know that the online component of Frozen Synapses is being updated for the upcoming patch.