AT&t and Disney have signed a deal to acquire the majority of Disney’s media company, ESPN.

This means the AT&ton deal is likely to be completed this week, according to sources.

AT&ts deal with ESPN will bring the media giant’s content distribution platform to Disney’s Disney-owned networks.

This is a big deal for AT&Ts future in the sports industry.

Disney has always been an ally of the sports media, as its flagship channels ESPN and ESPN2 have always been Disney-friendly, giving it the largest reach and highest ratings of any major sports network.

AT &t’s deal is a significant step in the AT &ts direction, and it will allow AT&tons content distribution network to reach more than 70% of the American population, and reach more people on a daily basis.

AT’s deal will also allow Disney to have access to AT& ts network, as it is the most valuable broadcaster in the United States.

AT will have access in all forms of the Disney networks including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and Disney XD.

Disney will also have a direct distribution network with AT&tw TV, which will be available in all AT&tv networks, including Disney XD and Disney Channel.

AT and Disney are also working together to provide AT&& t’s content to all other content providers and networks, according a person familiar with the deal.

AT announced a merger with DirecTV last year, but the two companies have had very little communication regarding the deal and it is still unclear how this will play out.

The new deal is expected to be finalized next week.