As the FCC and the Obama Administration negotiate the next steps for the nation’s telecommunications and Internet infrastructure, the telecommunications sector faces a number of challenges, including competition from the private sector, rising costs, and the threat of mass layoffs.

The latest news from Cox Communications comes via a statement from Cox CEO Brian Roberts: Cox Communications is a leader in the communications industry with a broad portfolio of products and services, including digital video conferencing, video confederates, cloud services, wireless broadband and IP telephony.

The Cox Communications team continues to lead in innovative technologies that deliver better quality and reliability and the highest level of customer service.

Today’s announcement represents Cox’s first major step towards our goal of leading the next generation of communications products and technology that will continue to deliver the greatest value to consumers and businesses.

As part of our ongoing investment in new products and technologies, Cox is announcing a strategic investment to expand our footprint in the United States and abroad, including its acquisition of Comscore, an independent provider of industry-leading technology and analytics.

We believe this acquisition will help Cox grow and deliver even more value for our customers.

Cox will continue the development of its products and continue to be an innovator in the telecommunications and internet industry.

Roberts also reiterated Cox’s commitment to the United Kingdom, the European Union, the EU’s 28 member states, and all other global markets, including Japan, Australia, India, South Korea, and Canada.

In light of these announcements, Cox also announced its plan to acquire Comscore in a cash transaction, which will bring its total net worth to $20.5 billion.

Cox Communications and Comscore will continue their work to develop and launch new products, services and technologies to support the next-generation of communications, including next-gen video confereces, high-speed Internet and a comprehensive set of services for digital video.

Cox continues to invest in its global operations through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and a number-two global Internet service provider.

Cox’s investment in Comscore demonstrates Cox’s dedication to delivering world-class communications services to its customers and its continued investment in its existing businesses and its workforce.

Roberts will remain Cox’s CEO until a successor is named. 

Comscore has been the leader in innovation and business services since 2003, serving customers in over 150 countries and territories across North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.

For more information, visit or follow Cox Communications on Twitter @Comscore.

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