Posted October 02, 2018 05:01:07A message from the President of the United States to the Congress:In the interest of maintaining the peace in our nation, I hereby direct the following messages to be sent to the U.S. Congress:As the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I urge you to work together to support the military as it engages in the fight against ISIL and other extremist groups that threaten the security and well-being of the American people.

In the meantime, I will be personally visiting every state in the nation with my family and close friends to hear their concerns and concerns about our military, its missions, and the sacrifices that go into them.

This will not be a trip to the beach.

This is a trip into a warzone.

And this is an opportunity to listen to the voices of the men and women in uniform.

And they will tell you what is right and wrong, and how to fix it.

I know this trip will take a toll on you personally, and I know that many of you have already had to cope with the stress of being a member of our armed forces.

But I am asking you to come to me with a plan to get us through this.

The American people deserve to hear from me on what they need to know about the work that is being done to protect their safety, their freedom, and their freedoms.

It is not going to happen overnight.

But the American People deserve to know that our leaders are doing everything they can to keep our country safe.

I am confident that the American military will make the right decision to use all available resources to keep us safe and secure, and that our men and men-at-arms will be able to do their jobs as they were trained to do.

They are committed to a safe and productive war against ISIL.

That is why the President directed that our commanders of the military forces of the world, who are part of our nation’s armed forces, should send a clear message to all other nations: Our military is ready to work with all nations, including those of ISIL, to defeat this threat and bring peace and stability to the Middle East and the world.

And as the Commander in Chief of the U,S.

military, I am directing that we will work with you to find a way to defeat ISIL in a way that protects the lives of our servicemen and women and the security of our allies, partners, and our American people around the world at a time when they need our support most.

I also want to be clear that the United Kingdom has a long, proud history of protecting the freedoms of its people, and we will continue to do so.

I want you to know this is the same American people who fought for their freedoms and liberties, who fought and died in the American Revolution and who fought against tyranny.

I have great confidence in you and in the men who serve and the men of our Armed Forces, and to make the commitment that our military will defend the freedom of our people, protect our borders, and protect our interests in the Middle and South America, we are committed, I repeat, to do all we can to protect the freedom and security of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Independent States and our allies.

We will continue working with you and your partners to make sure we do everything we can, including with the assistance of allies, to defend our people.

We will also continue to make every effort to work for a just and peaceful world.

And I know you will agree that the time is ripe for a new vision of peace, freedom, democracy, and prosperity for the people of the Middle Kingdom, and for a world that works for all people, not just a few.

But we must start right now.

It will be an important time for our country.

The United Kingdom is committed to making sure the world has the most secure, prosperous, and prosperous democracy in the world as we rebuild the shattered foundations of democracy and security that have eroded in the last two and a half decades.

I invite you to join me in working with my fellow Americans and allies to build on the momentum we have already seen.

And we will be ready to fight, and when we win, to continue to win, and help build on our victory.Thank you.

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