London is bracing for a series of major terrorist attacks in the coming weeks, with police predicting there could be more than 100 attacks in total by Monday.

The government has ordered extra security around the city as authorities prepare for the worst.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is scheduled to speak at a press conference at the British Library, said he expects about 50 people to be killed and thousands injured in the attack, which is likely to be the deadliest in the capital’s modern history.

The attack is likely “to spark the biggest political, social, cultural and economic backlash in the British capital in recent memory,” the London Mayor said on Monday.

We need to show our strength in this moment and not let fear paralyse us.” “

London is a city of people who care about each other, we care about people’s safety, and we care deeply about the security of our people.

We need to show our strength in this moment and not let fear paralyse us.”

Authorities are on high alert for further attacks in London as they prepare for a second anniversary of the London bombings.

The London Bridge terrorist attack happened after people attacked pedestrians on London Bridge, killing seven people.

On Monday, police said they arrested two men, aged 18 and 23, and were investigating a fourth suspect, who was arrested on Tuesday.

The suspect, identified as Omar Baker, is also believed to have links to the July 3 attack on London’s Borough Market that left 52 people dead.

He was also arrested in March, when he allegedly tried to attack a police officer in his native Sudan.

Baker was arrested in the southern city of Bradford and was reportedly planning to travel to Somalia to join ISIS.

Police say he is believed to be in the UK and has been under surveillance for at least five years.