‘I can’t afford to live here’: Woman speaks out about housing crisis

A woman from Tennessee who says she can’t pay rent because of the housing crisis in her town says she’s planning to leave her home.Kristen McBride says she was forced to sell her house in May after it was foreclosed on.The woman said she could no longer afford to pay rent in her home town […]

What is Communication? – Radio Communication

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $1.5 million contract to a firm that’s developing a new way to connect people to their favorite radio programs.The program, called Radio Communications, will connect people directly to programs and shows on radio, TV and internet via a new technology called “networked radios,” which have a variety of […]

Cox Communications plans to increase its broadband speeds in Omaha

Cox Communications is ramping up its internet speeds in an effort to attract more customers in an Omaha market that has struggled to expand broadband to its residents.The cable and phone company announced Tuesday that it plans to offer gigabit internet service at its new headquarters, which it will operate in a former gas station, […]