Which of the two ways to communicate is best?

The most common ways of communicating with others, such as using signs and gestures or words, are used more often than they used to, according to research by the communications planning organisation Communication Planning Network.And yet, while the two approaches may be the same, there are differences between them, with some experts saying it is […]

Why the word ‘failure’ doesn’t mean much to many in this marriage equality debate

In this post, we explore why ‘fail’ is so often used to describe what is often considered to be a failure to communicate and what many couples fail to communicate.It also explores some of the common ways in which couples fail at communication.Marriage equality is about more than just equality in marriage equality.It is about […]

The ‘fiercely independent’ Taylor Communications’ is ready to fight against ‘corporate censorship’

The Times Of India The Taylor Communications Group, which includes the media, publishing and entertainment industries, is ready for a fight.Taylor is a global leader in the communications industry and has seen its shares surge nearly 60% this year.Its shares are up almost 8% in the last six months.It is one of the largest media […]