‘I’m a little bit skeptical’: Scientist calls on Trump to release Trump’s tax returns

New York Times writer David Brooks wrote on Twitter that he was “a little bit skeptical” about the President’s willingness to release his tax returns.The writer, who has long been critical of Trump, tweeted that the President has a “record of paying little or no taxes.”Brooks, who writes for the New York Post, said he […]

Leader: ‘We will take back our country’ – ‘we will take it back as we have taken it before’

Leading Business Leaders from across the world are calling for an end to “economic war” as they warned Australia was “at war” with the global financial system.Key points:The global financial crisis has left tens of millions of Australians struggling with debts and an economic downturn is set to continue for the foreseeable future.The leaders said […]

What to expect from the Australian Government’s LSC Communications System

The LSC has long been the preferred way for Australia to communicate with overseas entities.But it has had to be overhauled in recent years, with the National Broadband Network and the Telecommunications (Interception) and Security Legislation Amendment (Data Retention) Bill, 2016 making significant changes to the system.LSC’s major components: The Australian Government, the LSC, and […]