Jaguars’ Creative Communications Team Is Being Named: The Jaguars’ Twitter account has officially been named Creative Communications.

The Jaguars are officially naming their Creative Communications team.Here’s what it means. This team will be comprised of “senior leaders in digital and social media, as well as leaders in business, media, and advertising,” according to the team’s press release. “We are excited to be partnering with the Jaguars on the exciting new opportunities we have in the […]

Jaguar Book, the Bible, the Quran and the World’s Largest Language

The world’s largest, most comprehensive and most comprehensive translation of the Quran was unveiled Tuesday, as a global audience celebrated its launch with a reading of the Koran.The world’s second-largest language is a translation of a sacred text written by one of the greatest men of all time, the 19th century Prophet Mohammed, and a […]

Acacia Communications CEO: Jaguar communications’ plans to bring a 3D sensor to the market

Acacia has announced it is set to launch a 3-D sensor that will allow its drones to operate more like aircraft than the current generation of 3D cameras.The company said that the 3D technology will allow it to deliver new services that would not have been possible to do before with the current technology.The new […]