What is digital communication?

Digital communication is the use of digital technology to communicate and receive information through the use or display of visual or audio representations of content.Digital communication encompasses both electronic and digital media, including video and audio.In the digital age, digital media are increasingly used for social, business, and government communication and are considered to be […]

What happens when you combine an iPhone, a Windows 8 app, and a Windows Phone 8.1 app?

Posted December 05, 2020 10:18:38When the two are combined, you get an app called Fidelity Communications that combines Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, and also some sort of telepresence system that’s meant to work with Microsoft’s Lumia phones.The app is designed to be a kind of personal assistant.You can use it to […]

When does the next election begin? The next election in 2020 may not be in sight

The election of 2020 could not be more different from the last.The political world is divided over the next presidential race.If you’re a Democrat and you want to keep your seat, you’re probably voting for a Democrat.If not, you could be voting for another.The 2018 elections were the most polarised in American history, and in […]