When you need to keep your communications private, use encrypted services

Frontier Communications has begun testing a new way to use encrypted messages in its network that uses technology that allows users to hide the source of messages and track them through the Internet.The company, which has worked with Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook to develop the technology, said it is also looking at how to […]

When you don’t want to talk to your parents anymore, you can just send them messages

article A new kind of communication platform for parents has surfaced, one that promises to keep them connected to their kids for an extended period of time.Spectrum Communications has announced a new, less intrusive, way for parents to communicate with their children via text message or social media.The company says it has tested and approved […]

How to talk to your boss about your concerns about HR

I was a very happy employee, happy in my role.The boss seemed very understanding and supportive. But I kept coming back to the same point. I always wondered what would happen if I asked a different boss what HR policies were in place? Would they be supportive of my request? Or would they make me feel as if I […]