What to know about the latest on Cox Communications, Cox Communications jobs,USA Communications jobs

As the FCC and the Obama Administration negotiate the next steps for the nation’s telecommunications and Internet infrastructure, the telecommunications sector faces a number of challenges, including competition from the private sector, rising costs, and the threat of mass layoffs.The latest news from Cox Communications comes via a statement from Cox CEO Brian Roberts: Cox […]

How to Stop People From Saying The Word “Cox”

What does “cox” mean?If you’re a parent or teacher, you’re probably aware that many kids and adults use “cuckoo” and other swear words to express disapproval of someone or something.For example, if a student says something to you like “you’re a cuckoo”, you can say “I’m sorry” or “you shouldn’t have said that”.The same is […]

What is the role of technology in intimate communications?

The internet has given us a vast array of communications technologies which allow us to communicate in a way that is completely anonymous.These include instant messaging, instant messaging groups, video conferencing and text messaging.But these are just a few of the many communications technologies that are currently being used by many people.Some of these technologies […]