How to Make a Documentary About Nonviolent Communication Book title A Documentary about Nonviolent Communications book title What to do when Youre a Nonviolent Communicator

article I’m writing about nonviolence because it is a topic that is so integral to my life.When I think of the ways in which I was raised in a very different society, the ways that I was treated in school and at home and at work, I think about how it can be so difficult […]

How to be more efficient with the cross cultural communication app ‘zoom’

The Android version of Zoom has been updated with new emoji, and the company is encouraging users to start using them to communicate across cultural barriers.The company is launching an app called ZOO to allow users to share photos and videos across different cultural groups with ease.The app will also let users share photos across […]

What we know about the first few days of the pandemic

As the world faces the first days of its worst ever pandemic, there’s plenty of uncertainty about what will happen.But there are signs that the pandemics first days will be filled with some optimism, at least.Here are some key takeaways from the first day of the worst-ever pandemic.First day of pandemic: There were about 4.5 […]