How to get a degree from the CCLC

Posted May 03, 2018 05:10:07When you are thinking about where to go for a career in communications, a major source of employment information for many is the Communications Department of the United States Coast Guard.The Coast Guard is a division of the U.S. Coast Guard, responsible for conducting Coast Guard activities on the U,S.coasts, and […]

What you need to know about AT&T’s deal with Disney and ESPN

AT&t and Disney have signed a deal to acquire the majority of Disney’s media company, ESPN.This means the AT&ton deal is likely to be completed this week, according to sources.AT&ts deal with ESPN will bring the media giant’s content distribution platform to Disney’s Disney-owned networks.This is a big deal for AT&Ts future in the sports […]

Business communication plan: how to write one

article By Jennifer J. Kwan, senior communications manager, The Times The Business Communication Plan is a document that outlines the best ways for a business to communicate with its customers, its employees and its investors.The Business Communications Plan is used to establish how to communicate effectively and effectively to customers, employees and investors.It is meant […]