‘I’m a little bit skeptical’: Scientist calls on Trump to release Trump’s tax returns

New York Times writer David Brooks wrote on Twitter that he was “a little bit skeptical” about the President’s willingness to release his tax returns.The writer, who has long been critical of Trump, tweeted that the President has a “record of paying little or no taxes.”Brooks, who writes for the New York Post, said he […]

How the Harris Communications crisis communication breakdown is changing the way you talk about the news

The Communications Department is scrambling to respond to a surge in the number of communications-related stories.While it’s a good thing for all the people who rely on the Department’s information services, they’re worried about the effect it’s having on their ability to share their opinions and ideas.“We’ve had an explosion in the numbers of communications […]

Which of the big US wireless carriers is the best?

The Federal Communications Commission is poised to announce major changes to the way it decides who can and cannot use the nation’s wireless spectrum.The agency has said it is going to require new spectrum licenses be auctioned before the FCC can consider new providers.The change could make it easier for incumbent providers to compete with […]

What happens when you send out a tweet and it’s deleted? The answers are simple, but you can’t know what to expect.

The next day, I got an email from my wife saying she’d heard from her mother-in-law.She was shocked.“She’s got a letter saying that she was going to lose her job,” she said.My daughter-in, also a student at the University of California, was in a similar position.She had received an email that morning from a friend […]