New York Times writer David Brooks wrote on Twitter that he was “a little bit skeptical” about the President’s willingness to release his tax returns.

The writer, who has long been critical of Trump, tweeted that the President has a “record of paying little or no taxes.”

Brooks, who writes for the New York Post, said he was not surprised by the criticism from other conservatives, such as conservative radio host Mark Levin, and conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, who have called on Trump not to release the returns.

“This is a major distraction and a waste of taxpayer dollars,” Brooks wrote.

“I am not surprised that the president is refusing to do the right thing.

I’m a big believer in the American Dream.

The American Dream is about hard work and perseverance, not making promises to Wall Street and not giving $10,000 to the wife of a congressman.

I think the president should be doing the right things.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A Trump campaign spokesperson told CNBC that the candidate “has not made a decision on releasing his tax records.

He will continue to make it known where he stands on issues important to working families, including protecting Social Security and Medicare.”

A statement from Trump’s transition team, released Monday evening, called the “very serious” issue of the tax returns “not a question for a political debate, but a major issue for our country.”

The transition team said the President had “always maintained that his tax return is under audit and the results are not complete.”

Trump’s campaign has said it will release his returns “as soon as possible,” and he has said that he will release them as soon as his lawyers can produce them.