The first-person action RPG, The Banner Saga, is a series of five action-RPGs.

The first was released in 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and has since sold over 5.8 million copies worldwide.

In 2016, it was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The sequel was announced for release in 2018 and was described as a “modern-day take on the old-school action RPG.”

The first game featured a single player campaign, but the series has since expanded to feature up to four players online, and the latest installment, The Dark Below, will feature up and coming heroes and villains in a world with more than 1,000 quests.

IGN caught up with lead producer, Scott Johnson, to find out how the new story is different from the first game, and what it’s like creating such a memorable world.IGN: What can you tell us about The Banner’s story?

Scott Johnson: It’s kind of the first thing we started working on, and we had to make sure we didn’t get it too late in development.

We started with a premise and an idea, and then just continued to work on that for several months, so we’re very fortunate that we have a very well-defined concept that has been built up over time.

What we have is a story that starts at the beginning of time and continues through the history of the world.

In some ways, the world has changed, and in some ways it hasn’t.

So we wanted to have some of those elements from the beginning, but we also wanted to take it in a completely new direction.

You see, this world isn’t what you’d think.

It’s not as vast as you think it is.

So what we did is we took all the elements from past games and tried to make them new.

The Banner has a lot of things going on, which is great.

It has a ton of things to do.

And the story is all interconnected.

It is a bit of a sandbox in that you can explore, and you can play the game with other players as well.

It doesn’t have a lot to do with you, so it can kind of open up new experiences.

IGN: Can you explain the world in more detail?

How many worlds do you plan to explore?

Scott: We’re planning on expanding a lot.

So the first step is that in the first world, you’re in this place, and there’s a bunch of people here.

But we want to expand the world to some other areas as well, so the story will start with a new city and the rest of the game will be the story of the people who live in that city.

We have all the history, so there’s always a new story coming from that.


The next world is called The Darkside, which will feature a lot more detail.

The Dawsider is a massive space that we will explore in more depth in The Banner.

The story of that is the story that has happened over the years, and it will continue to unfold as well in The Darside.

There’s also a whole other world that is also called The World of The Sun, and that is kind of like a parallel universe.

The World is like this, and The World has its own history.

And The Sun is the same thing, but there’s this other universe that’s been dormant for thousands of years.

We want to make this world a little bit more connected to the story and the history that we already have in the world of The Banner, but also the world that’s going to be revealed in the sequel.

IGN.: Is there a single enemy that you’re aiming for?

Scott’s answer: Yes.

It will be an important element in the game, because it will be a major part of how you’ll interact with the world, and how you interact with characters.

We’ve also decided to have a big number of enemies, because that’s the kind of thing that can make a game interesting.

It also means that we’ll have some kind of progression for each of those enemies, but it also means there will be some really cool challenges in the other areas.

IGN : What was your inspiration for this story?

How did you come up with the idea for a story based on a comic book?

Scott told us about a story from his childhood, where he used to read a lot and draw pictures of his own mother.

He would sometimes find pictures of her in the mail, and when he would read them, he would draw something in pencil on the page and when the picture was over, he’d say, “Wow, I can draw better than this.”

So that was his inspiration for the world we’re building.


The next section, The Depths, will introduce the concept of a cave system.

Scott tells