A woman from Tennessee who says she can’t pay rent because of the housing crisis in her town says she’s planning to leave her home.

Kristen McBride says she was forced to sell her house in May after it was foreclosed on.

The woman said she could no longer afford to pay rent in her home town of Fairfield because of soaring costs.

McBride says when she first moved into the house she lived in with her husband and two children she had about $200,000 in her bank account.

She says she owes more than $250,000 on the mortgage.

She says the mortgage she and her husband agreed to has not been paid back.

McKay said she can no longer live in Fairfield and she and the other residents in her community are worried about what could happen if the housing market collapses.

McAfee, a 30-year-old mother of three, says she and others have been evicted because they are homeless and without a place to live.

The woman says she is going to move back to her home city of San Diego where she works as a nurse.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.