Vimeo, the video sharing site that allows users to post videos from anywhere in the world, is getting a big upgrade in 2017.

On Wednesday, the company announced a major update to its privacy policy that will allow people to upload their own content to Vimeo.

The change, which was announced by CEO Ryan Seacrest, will allow anyone to upload videos that have been removed from the site and allow people who are still using the site to see the content that has been deleted.

The move also includes a new feature called “Content Audience” that allows anyone to review videos and add their own comments.

For now, this is the only way to upload your own videos to Vida.

There is still a way to use Content Audience to make your own video available for viewing on Vimeo in the future, however.

The company said that this will be a part of the next version of the platform.

Vimeo has also released a new privacy policy.

“We are committed to improving the experience for users and creators to share their work, and the new policy will help make this happen,” Seacresaid in a statement.

“It also helps us ensure that Vimeo remains the best place to discover, share, and consume great content.

We’ll continue to improve this feature for Vimeo creators as they continue to share and showcase their work.” 

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