Posted April 06, 2018 04:16:49As the Great Plains communications internships are growing in popularity, a new series on the subject is being launched.

The Great Plains Communications Internships is designed to bring the skills and knowledge needed to build digital media that reflects the unique characteristics of the region and the state of Kansas.

The series will be led by a Kansas University professor and includes internships at several Kansas colleges, including the University of Kansas, Kansas State University and the University at Large.

The program is funded through an international grant program sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The first five years of the program are focused on building a “digital journalism infrastructure” that will help to build a broader audience and better understand what is happening in Kansas and the world.

The internships will be a learning experience for both the students and their mentors.

In addition, the internships also will serve as training for journalists in Kansas.

“We are interested in building and expanding our digital journalism infrastructure so that journalists and media outlets can better understand and engage with the vast, diverse, and vibrant Great Plains community,” said Eric Schmitt, director of the Kansas Communications and Journalism program.

“By collaborating with industry partners, we can create opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge, ideas, and information across a variety of topics.”

The internships can be completed through a variety and online platforms, including websites and mobile apps.

The Kansas program is available for students in the spring and summer months and also is available to full-time students and summer-long learners.

“A great communications intern is an opportunity to engage with journalists and their audiences in a way that will make them better understand their audience and what they are covering,” said Adam Bittner, associate dean for the Kansas Communication program.

The Great Plains Internship program is the brainchild of a Kansas Journalism Program program graduate student and his partner, and the Kansas State Communications Program graduate student.

“It’s important to me that this program be a positive experience for students,” said student and Great Plains intern, Lauren Boebert.

“As a graduate student, I know that the internship can help me connect with people and build a deeper understanding of their stories.

It’s a great way to connect with our community and to see how Kansas has changed and changed over time.”

The Kansas Journalism program has more than 100 graduate students from around the country who have spent time in Kansas, and a growing number are from Kansas’ other states, like Kansas and Kansas City.

The program will begin with an online seminar in June that will feature a variety.

Students will be able to take online quizzes, participate in online quizzing sessions and take online writing exercises.

In addition to the online seminars, students will also have access to a full range of online media including radio and television, podcasts, blogs and social media, according to the Kansas Journalism Office.