I was a very happy employee, happy in my role.

The boss seemed very understanding and supportive. 

But I kept coming back to the same point. 

I always wondered what would happen if I asked a different boss what HR policies were in place? 

Would they be supportive of my request? 

Or would they make me feel as if I was just asking a stupid question? 

It’s like asking a doctor to give you a prescription for the flu: it’s not good enough to be asked a question. 

We don’t need a new set of HR policies. 

The problem is, there are a lot of HR professionals that are just as clueless as we are about what’s really going on in HR. 

As you’ll see in the next article, the best way to make HR professionals feel good is to talk about your problems with them. 

There are also some people that aren’t interested in the idea of having a conversation about HR policies because they don’t think they’re worth having. 

So let’s talk about what HR policy is, and why it matters. 


HR Policy is Important, but It Doesn’t Always Matter