A new version of Android 5 has been released and it has a lot of changes to Android’s voice-over-IP (VoIP) services.

Android 5’s new API lets you add more features and more advanced features like using more than one phone number to make calls and more than two or more SIM cards.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set your VoIP service up in Android 5 on Lollipop and the Android Voice Service (VMS).

We’ll also cover the different VoIP providers and services available.1.

Android Lollipop introduces new API for VoIP servicesNowadays, the majority of VoIP apps are written using Android’s existing APIs.

But this isn’t the case anymore and the new API makes VoIP applications even more robust.

When Android 5 comes out, the new APIs will also make VoIP communication easier.

In fact, it will make the communication more efficient.

The new API will allow you to use multiple SIM cards for the same phone number and will also allow you specify a different number for each SIM card.

You’ll find that the API is much more powerful than it was in Android 4.4 and earlier.

Here are some of the new features introduced in Android Lolly 5:1.

Calling using your existing phone number is more convenient2.

You can call up to 10 different numbers at the same time3.

You will receive voice messages from up to 15 different contacts simultaneously4.

You’ll receive SMS messages from more than 10 different people on the same device5.

You don’t need to use your existing voicemail account anymore.

You could also use your phone number for the VoIP messages that you want to send.6.

You have access to unlimited voicemail messages and call logs7.

You’re able to send and receive unlimited SMS messages, calls, and emails.8.

You no longer need to keep a backup of your voicemail.

You are able to transfer all your voicemails to the cloud using a USB drive.9.

You’ve also got support for multiple SIM card support10.

You get unlimited calls and unlimited texts from your existing VoIP number.

You may be asking yourself, what are the new changes in Android’s VoIP APIs?

That’s a good question.

The API’s main purpose is to make VoP communication more convenient.

But it also lets you do more advanced things.

So, we’ve also covered the most important features in this article.1, The new APIs let you use more than 2 SIM cards, and you can add more than 1 SIM card at a time2.

The APIs are also more flexible and you’ll be able to configure more than three numbers and call the number of more than 3 people3.

The VoIP calling is much faster and it’s also more accurate.4.

The Google+ integration allows you to connect to your Google+ account to create an account, create an invite, or even update your profile5.

The “More” tab of the VoP interface lets you configure your favorite contacts, send messages, send photos, or delete messages.6, The “VoIP Call Log” tab lets you record all VoIP calls and voicemes.7.

The VMS lets you connect to a number using a number you already have in your contacts list.8, The VoP calling is faster and you’re also able to change your call settings.9, You get access to more than 200 VoIP-enabled VoIP and VMS apps, and there are even more VoIP phones available.