People who have a serious relationship problem are often too afraid to call a loved one or go to a doctor for help.

A new study by University of Michigan researchers suggests that this can be dangerous.

Researchers asked people with a serious communication problem to complete a series of survey questions that asked them to share their thoughts and feelings about their relationship.

Some of the questions asked people to describe how their relationship was progressing.

The researchers also asked the people to list their symptoms.

The results were surprising.

People who reported feeling stressed or depressed were more likely to say they were afraid of the future.

They also said they were more willing to tell someone about their feelings and problems.

For those with mental health problems, there was no difference between those who reported anxiety and those who did not.

The study was published online March 15 in the journal PLOS ONE.

The authors believe this is because anxiety can be difficult to recognize and report.

And some people may be more willing than others to report mental health issues.