By: Daniella Gifford | November 15, 2017 | Updated: November 16, 2017 4:04 pm | Share This article In the wake of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, many of us have become more comfortable with using our social media platforms to express our opinions.

Many of us use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media for business purposes.

However, there are many things that you should always keep in mind when you are sharing your opinions and feelings online.

If you’re not sure if you need to be using these platforms or not, then read on.1.

Use hashtags that relate to your subject matter2.

Keep your messages short3.

Don’t share anything too personal or personalizing4.

Make sure to tag your posts with #Blacklivesmatter if you are a Black person.5.

Avoid hashtags like #BlackGirl, #BlackPussy or #BlackFeminism.

These are not inclusive of Black women, and we are not comfortable with these hashtags in any capacity.6.

When using hashtags, it’s important to keep the subject matter in mind.

If your topic is about something specific, like the treatment of Black people by police, for example, then it’s best to use a hashtag like #CopStories.7.

Don-t forget to tag the person who is replying to your post.8.

Don the hashtag for people who are not on the same page with you.

When a person says something like “I hate Black people,” that person should be able to share their opinion.

For example, if a Black woman says, “I do not agree with all of Black Lives Matter’s positions on police brutality and police brutality in general,” then she is not on board with all the issues being discussed in Black Lives Matters.

If that person is not Black, then you are going to have a difficult time getting their thoughts across to them.9.

Do not include yourself in your tweets, Facebook posts or Instagram posts.

If someone mentions you, they can tag you in their tweet.

Do NOT tag them directly, because they can see that you are an active participant in the conversation.10.

Don, don’t tag the people who follow you on social media.

It will make the people around you feel uncomfortable, and it will be very distracting.11.

Use the hashtags #BlackWomen, #blackwomen, #Blacks, #Women,#Black, #Pussy, #Cuck, #Whores,#Girls, #Dollars and #Females.12.

Do make sure to include your hashtag in your comments.13.

Do use hashtags to highlight the topics of the conversation, not just the words.

Use #Blackwomen, Women, Women and Girls for all topics.14.

Don´t forget about #BlackMatters.

This hashtag has been around since November 2015.

It’s a way for Black people to talk about all of the issues that Black people face in America.15.

Don�t forget that hashtags can be used to promote something or other.

For instance, if you want to share your thoughts about Black Lives matter and you use #BlackMen, then people will see that there are Black men in the world.

When people see that, they will know that you care about Black issues and are a part of Black lives.16.

Do take the time to learn hashtags and the rules about how to use them.

If the hashtag is a good one, and you follow it, then your post will stand out.

But be sure to read the rules.17.

Use a hashtag when your topic of choice is important.

For Black women and Black men, this is #Blackmatters.

For white people, it is #WhiteMatters and for non-white people, #NonWhiteMatches.18.

Don`t forget how important it is to keep your opinions about Black people in mind, even if it is a hashtag.19.

If a Black individual or organization has been impacted by a death, injury or sexual assault, they should have the right to share that information.20.

If there are no Black people who can provide an opinion about the issue, then the person doing the discussing should make their own decision.21.

If it is your first time posting on social networking platforms, you should be careful about what you say and how you express yourself.

Make it clear that you do not want to be tagged in the post and that you only want to communicate with people who share your views.22.

Do remember to include yourself if you wish to contribute to the conversation or to the cause of the hashtag.23.

Don: Do not use hashtag for yourself.

It is not helpful.24.

Don; Do not be too specific.

Some people will think you are using hashtag to make yourself look better.

If they are wrong, then don’t share.25