The next time someone asks you how to get people to take your message seriously, consider this: You don’t want to get it wrong.

The way you’re conveying it to the person you’re talking to isn’t always what they’re looking for, or what you want them to think.

There are plenty of ways to tell a message that doesn’t match up with the way they’re feeling, and this is one of them.

A lack of clarity on the message can make it seem as though the person isn’t listening.

“It’s the lack of specificity in the way you’ve been messaging them that I think can make the difference,” says Sarah Eberhard, a communications professor at the University of Southern California.

“If you’re not giving them what they need to know, it’s not going to get them to want to engage with you in the future.”

In order to get more people to engage, communication classes like these are crucial to helping people make sense of their messages.

Here are a few ideas on how to talk about a subject with people you know, or are connected to: Use your voice and body language to communicate.

When you are talking to a friend, it might not be the best idea to talk into your phone.

This can be particularly important in the context of a meeting or in a phone call.

You don.t want to interrupt someone else, and you can also avoid making eye contact with them when you’re speaking to them.

Use words that are emotionally powerful.

“Emotionally powerful words can be used to get a point across without sounding like a snarky person, but if they’re too strong, people will not take them seriously,” says Elizabeth St. John, a professor of communication at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

“Instead, use words that have a subtle impact and are powerful because they connect the message with the emotion you’re trying to convey.”

This means using strong, emotional language that can get across your thoughts and feelings without sounding snarkish.

If you’re worried about someone’s reaction to your message, take a minute to pause and think.

For example, ask yourself, “Is there something I can do about this?”

You might also consider saying, “It seems like you’re being honest, but I’m not sure.”

Try to be clear with the person who is speaking.

“People may take you for a jerk, but you have to show that you’re listening to what they have to say,” says St. Johns.

“In order to help people get to understand your message and feel more comfortable, be clear and explain what you’re saying.”

If you can’t be sure that the person reading your message is listening, ask them to listen.

If they can’t hear you, try to give them a hint.

“Sometimes people will get it but then say something else that they might be able to figure out on their own,” St. Joeshes says.

Try to give the person the same opportunity to figure it out on his or her own.

“When you get the chance to do that, people are more likely to listen and take you at your word,” she adds.

If a person doesn’t understand your point of view, try making them aware of how their emotions might impact the way your message sounds.

This could mean speaking into their phone, using a text message, or in-person.

Be honest.

Don’t be too careful.

“You have to be honest about what you can say and what you don’t,” says Eberhardt.

“That can make you seem more authentic, and that’s really what people are looking for.”

Try using a different way of speaking than your own.

For instance, try using a “fellow speaker” to share your thoughts.

You could say, “I’ve been listening to you for so long and now I can’t help but feel a little bit frustrated that I didn’t get a sense of you when I was younger.

I guess I’ve just been so consumed by the news lately, I haven’t been paying attention to what you have been saying.”

The same goes for being less specific about what they want from you.

“We don’t really care what they think of us or how we feel about them,” says Lillian K. Brown, an assistant professor of psychology at Stanford University.

Instead, she says, “try to use a phrase that you might use yourself.”

This might be something like, “If someone doesn’t want you to take their word for it, I might not have been able to convince them to take it seriously.”

Be open.

“Open to being wrong is a very strong message,” says Brown.

“Even if you think you know something, you can always be wrong.

You might be wrong about your feelings or about the way people react to you.

Being open to the possibility that you may be wrong is the best way

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