Posted by TechRadars on Tuesday, August 15, 2018 13:06:07 Cox Communications has been working with students at the University of Waterloo for a year to offer internships in its technology industry.

The company said that over the past year, it has had the opportunity to work with about 20 students, including about 50 who were offered internships.

Some students were involved in the development of a technology prototype and others were in-person mentors who provided technical support to their projects.

“We know that it’s important for the student to be connected to the tech community, to get the most out of their internship,” said Cox Communications CEO Jim Calkins.

“As an industry leader, we work with interns to build their confidence, learn about new technology and to gain valuable experience.

The internship program provides the opportunity for Cox to provide these skills to the students who are interested in working in our technology industry.”

Cox Communications will continue to help the students in their careers as well as provide support for their learning experience.

Cox Communications said it is working with the university to provide an internship training course and will continue its outreach in the tech industry.

“Our students are eager to take on new opportunities and learn from Cox and their team, but they will also have the opportunity in Cox’s network of technical advisors to meet industry leaders and connect with their peers,” Calkens said.

“The Cox Communications interns will gain valuable networking skills and experience with Cox and will gain a valuable understanding of the tech world.”

Calkers comments come after students across the country protested against the company and demanded an apology for the unpaid internship program.

On August 14, the student protest and Cox Communications continued to escalate.

Cox responded by posting a series of statements, calling the student protesters “misguided” and claiming that the university was not providing any assistance to the student students.

“To date, the University has not provided any assistance or support for any of our student interns,” Cox wrote in a statement.

“In fact, the students’ demand for an apology and for an immediate end to the protests is misguided.”

The company continued, saying that it had made every effort to ensure that the students had an enjoyable experience.

“While we understand the concerns of our students and their desire for an explanation of the process, we are unable to provide this to them because we have no obligation to them to provide information or to provide them with any support,” Cox added.

“Furthermore, the fact that they are demanding an apology from Cox is unfair to Cox, as we are not their employer and they are not our students.”