New apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPad are making their way to Apple’s App Store, and one of them is called “Aqua,” an app for the underwater life Aquarius.

Aquarius is the official name of a sub-species of the marine creature that can dive for up to 90 minutes without oxygen, according to the company.

Aquaris is the only official name for this particular sub-aquatic life, and it’s also the name of the video game from which Aqua comes.

The Aqua app is designed for iOS devices, and Aquaris’ website promises to give users the chance to dive underwater for up and down for an hour or two.

In an interview with the Verge, Aqua’s co-founder and CEO Chris Dominguez explained how the app works:We use a unique, underwater-capture algorithm to determine if an Aquarius diver can make it out to the surface, then we try to find a spot to record the dive.

This is a real dive, it’s not a video game.

In this video, you can see the Aquarius dive.

The app, which was launched on Thursday, has already received over 30,000 downloads, according the company’s website.

Dominglez says the app is free to download and can be used for all purposes, from “getting an invite to dive” to “getting a job in the business.”

He told Business Insider that the app’s pricing is “very reasonable,” adding that “the user base is quite small.”

Dominguez told Business Update that the company is still working on adding other features and improvements to the app.

For now, it doesn’t offer underwater-based gameplay, as it does with other underwater-focused apps.

However, the company does plan to add other features such as an underwater restaurant experience.

The company plans to launch the app in the next few weeks, with Domingez stating that it’s aiming to release the app on the App Store in “late March or early April.”

If you want to test the app out, you’ll need to download Aquaris first.