You don’t have to give up your mobile network.

There are a variety of solutions for getting your wireless internet to work again.

And the Globe and Mail has a guide to help you get your network back up and running again.


Make sure your network is up and working.

Go to the Internet Connection Manager or Settings app and find your network, then click the Network tab.

You’ll see a list of all your devices connected to the network.

In some cases, it may look like your network connection is down.

This could be a problem with your router, your ISP, your cable company or even a wireless service provider.

If it’s the latter, you might need to reconnect to your device.

Open up your Settings app, then go to Wireless.

On the Wireless tab, click the Restart connection link.

This will restart your wireless network.


Disable Wi-Fi Direct.

When your wireless service stops working, you’ll need to disable Wi-fi Direct, the connection between your wireless device and your PC.

It’s often an option when you’re connected to a wired router and your network won’t function.

To do this, select Wi-FI Direct on your router’s menu bar.


Install the correct software.

You may also want to download and install the correct firmware on your computer.

If you’re running a Mac, you may need to click the Software tab and choose the update and upgrade tool.


Update your router.

If your router isn’t working, update it.

You can do this either through a manual update or through an automatic update.

Follow these steps to download the correct update: 1.

Click on the Updates tab and select the appropriate update.

2 and 3.

Click the Update Now button and enter the details of the update you want.

You won’t see any warning, so follow the instructions on your screen.

4 and 5.

If all goes well, your router should now work properly again.