The Communications Department is scrambling to respond to a surge in the number of communications-related stories.

While it’s a good thing for all the people who rely on the Department’s information services, they’re worried about the effect it’s having on their ability to share their opinions and ideas.

“We’ve had an explosion in the numbers of communications related stories, and it’s just really frustrating,” said the department’s communications manager, Karen Koehn.

“I think it’s actually going to make it more difficult for us to get the information we need and communicate with our communities.”

Koehn said that the department is working to get more information out about what the stories are, where it comes from and how to report them.

And she said the agency is working on a set of guidelines to keep up with the pace of information.

But some people say the changes could have a negative impact on the communications community.

“This is a crisis and it could affect how we do business,” said Julie Dickson.

Dickson is an editor at the Canadian Press.

She said the Communications department has struggled to respond effectively to what’s been a surge of news in the last couple of months.

“They have a lot of things to be doing,” she said.

“It’s not a matter of the communications department being in a crisis.

It’s a matter for the department to figure out how to respond.”

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