Google has created a new messaging strategy that would let its employees communicate with one another with no human touch.

The company, in partnership with Facebook, said it would soon launch a chat app, which it is calling Zoom Video Communications, that would provide an entirely automated experience for its employees.

It will launch the app in the first half of 2017, and will launch a companion app for businesses and consumers later this year.

Zoom Video, which Google calls Zoom Video Chat, will provide instant chat across Google’s services, including Gmail, Hangouts and YouTube.

It is a big step for Google, which is one of the most active tech companies in the world and the largest in the U.S. Google said it will offer the app for free, but will require a $20-per-month subscription to use it.

Zoom video, which will be available to Google employees starting next month, is meant to be a more integrated way for employees to communicate.

The app will use Google’s existing tools, including Hangouts, to help employees connect, like when a coworker says, “I need to call you for lunch,” or when a customer is looking for an item online.

Google’s Zoom Video app will also let employees share messages and other data with each other and the company’s millions of customers, who can use the app to search for products and services.

For example, a person could send a message to their colleague with a picture of a new item, which could be shared with all of their friends.

Zoom has already been rolling out a version of the app with more than 300 million users in the United States.

The Zoom video app will be a first step in Google’s plan to make its employees’ jobs more efficient and accessible.

“Zoom Video will be an app that gives us more control over our work,” a Google spokesperson told CNBC in a statement.

The move is a step toward a future where communication is more seamless and streamlined for Google employees.

The new tool is aimed at the thousands of employees working on Google’s main product, Google Search.

Google is building its own data centers for its search engine, and has also been investing in cloud computing to accelerate its search efforts.

Google has already rolled out an app for its own Android smartphones, but it’s not clear whether it will continue to invest in cloud-based software development.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said he wants Google to be “the most effective search company” in the country, and he is building the company into a technology company that is focused on solving business problems.

Google says Zoom Video is the first time it has worked with an individual company to create a communication app, and the new app will allow employees to collaborate with each one of their peers.

“Our employees are the ones who build our products and our services,” the company said in a blog post.