CSRTool is a suite of tools for communicating, editing and editing documents.

(Photo: Grande Communication)CSRTool provides a suite in which users can: •Edit documents in multiple formats •Save and copy multiple documents into different files •Save multiple documents in one file and open them in another app •View a file’s metadata (tags, formatting, and indentation) in the Finder, and a quick view of all the changes •View the content of an image in its original format, as if it were a file with tags, formatting and indentations.CSRTools uses the GIMP image editor and includes an interactive toolbar that lets you easily edit and import images, audio and video.

You can use CSRTOOL to create a video or audio presentation, upload it to YouTube, share it via social media, and more.

In this case, Grande Media, a communications technology company based in Ottawa, wants to hire a communicator.CSRool is available for free on the iOS and Android app stores.

The company says it is a free trial to those who sign up for CSRTOLinks.ca and sign up through the company’s website.

Grande says that the free trial period will end at the end of June and the company will charge $49.99 for a subscription that will allow users to access the tool indefinitely.

The company says the tool was developed with the goal of enabling communication skills to be more easily learned.

It offers a variety of functions for communicating with people, from writing short emails to editing text files.

In addition to editing documents, the tool can be used to create short presentations that you can share on YouTube and share via social networks.

It also allows you to create and share a video, which can be uploaded to YouTube.

Grandia says the communicator is free for use on iOS and is available on Google Play.

The product is not compatible with Android.

For those who do not have a subscription, CSRTolinks.com also offers the following features.•Ability to create your own presentations•Ability of saving, sharing, and editing files•Ability for users to share their work with the community and make contributions to Grande’s product and community•Ability and support for editing and sharing audio and image filesCSRolinks allows users to create presentations, which you can then share through YouTube and Twitter.

For users who do have a CSRTootool account, they can use it to edit and share documents.

You also have the option to export your files, which is handy if you have multiple documents.CSRNolinks offers users the ability to export their files to a variety, such as a Word file, Excel file, PowerPoint file, PDF file, or a CSV file.

It will then send the file to Grandia for you to edit, which allows you the option of editing your files at home.

The tool can also be used as a quick-reference tool.

You are able to create quick-lookings, or create and save your own, and you can easily save and share files.

You can even share a file that you’ve just made in your phone and have it automatically open in a new tab, or in a different app.CSRColinks is available only to subscribers to CSRTorg, which provides the software to support CSRool and CSRolink.

Grandee says it also plans to offer a version for Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS.CSRLool is still in beta and the CSRools communicat ions have not been released to the public.