Canada’s government is introducing a new “map” to replace Google’s maps.

It’s expected to launch in 2019, according to CBC News.

The Canadian Press reports that the map will be called “Map of Canada,” and will use maps from Google Maps Canada.

Canada’s Department of Natural Resources says that it will help residents navigate through areas that they’ve never been to before.

In addition to that, the government will include a new section of the website that will show which government departments have funded the maps, and will provide a map with every province’s map as well.

A Google spokesperson told the Canadian Press that the company will “ensure the integrity of the maps.”

The “Map” section of Google Maps in the U.S. will only include “map service” and “map information” as opposed to the “services” section, which includes “information for the public.”

It will be unclear if the Canadian version will include information about government spending, like taxes or royalties.