Posted July 25, 2019 17:02:00 Australian telco iiNet has agreed to a settlement with the Federal Government to tackle the introduction of new anti-siphoning laws, effective communication definition and consolidated communications email definitions.

Key points: iiNet will introduce a new anti to Siphoning rules by March 2021, but the government will take the final say on Siphonings regulations by April 2021 iiNet and Telstra have been given a two year extension to comply iiNet’s Siphoner guidelines and the new Siphoned rule will be in place until February 2019 iiNet is to adopt a new S.18.7.2 anti-subscription scheme which includes a provision for ISPs to block and delete content that breaches anti-harassment laws iiNet said the new rules were an opportunity to work together on “reinforcing our culture of open and honest communications” and “put a stop to the negative stereotypes that surround our company”.

The iiNet agreement was signed by Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and iiNet chief executive David Rohan.

“The changes to the Siphons rule will make it easier for our customers to protect their data and will enable us to focus on our core business, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the company,” Mr Rohan said.

“We look forward to working with the Government and the regulator to deliver a fair and effective Siphones rules that uphold our values and that are aligned with our core values of openness and transparency.”

“We will continue to do our part to support innovation and innovation in the telecommunications sector.” iiNet had previously said the S.20.8.2 legislation was not sufficient to protect consumers, as the anti-misleading provision had not been used to the full extent.

“These new rules will help ensure that we comply with the S20.9.1.2 requirements and provide a clear framework for all Australians to access our services in a safe, legal and accountable way,” iiNet CEO David Rohn said.

iiNet and iiTel agreed to implement a new policy that would allow iiNet customers to request that their data be deleted if it was found to be infringing, and to ask that any data collected by the company be destroyed.

Affected customers will be able to request deletion of their data on an individual basis, or in a bulk data retention scheme.

iiNet also said it will be required to ensure that it does not share customers’ personal data with third parties, or disclose the information to third parties for commercial purposes.

‘It’s the right thing to do’ iiNet says it has taken steps to ensure its customers have full access to their data, including creating a new system for customers to opt out of its Siphone policy, and making the service more accessible.

In its agreement with the government, iiNet outlined the steps it is taking to improve its operations and improve customer service.

The iiTel agreement says the changes to S.19.4.1 will help to ensure it “remains a reliable and secure communications service provider, with a focus on data protection and compliance”.

“This agreement will ensure that iiTel will continue its long-standing commitment to transparency and privacy and will provide an opportunity for the Government to have a meaningful say in the matter,” iiTel said.