Rogers communications book: The best of the best

Roers communications book has been released, and it’s a great read.You’ll find out why the book is so important to the company.Read More .But the book has a few major problems, including the fact that Roers is the only major internet provider in the US that refuses to let its customers use VPNs.Roers says that […]

Canada’s ‘map’ map will replace Google maps

Canada’s government is introducing a new “map” to replace Google’s maps.It’s expected to launch in 2019, according to CBC News.The Canadian Press reports that the map will be called “Map of Canada,” and will use maps from Google Maps Canada.Canada’s Department of Natural Resources says that it will help residents navigate through areas that they’ve […]

How to fix the communications problem in a few minutes

I was reading a story about the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) efforts to improve communications for science.It’s a story that touches on a lot of important topics: a $1 billion program to increase communication in labs and the development of next-generation communications tools, as well as the agency’s ongoing efforts to develop a more robust […]

How the FCC will vote on the spectrum for next year’s Olympics

The FCC is expected to vote on new spectrum for the 2024 Olympics in a vote that could take place within days.The commission will meet on Thursday for its fifth vote on whether to approve the new spectrum, a vote expected to last several hours.If the FCC approves the new frequency, it will create the […]

How to use a toolkit for communication in the cloud

This article is about the toolkit you should use to communicate in the Cloud.┬áIf you need help with this article, please visit our support page.What you need to know: You’ll need a Google Account, Google Cloud Platform Key, a device running the latest Google Android, and a web browser.Google Cloud Messaging for Developers: Google Cloud […]

How hotwire Communications is using the Zika virus to boost its mobile advertising campaign

Hotwire Communications has a new strategy for increasing its mobile ad revenue in a rapidly evolving environment.Hotwire Communications’ Mobile Advertising Strategy is to increase mobile advertising revenue and engage with customers via a social media presence and video advertising.Hotwire has created a social influencer platform called “,” which will allow advertisers to engage with the […]

How does the Frontier Communications bankruptcy affect you?

By now you’ve probably heard the news that Frontier Communications has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which means that they’ve lost money on their telecommunications assets.And for good reason, since their assets were a massive hit in the 2008 recession.It means that the company’s future will be very precarious, and they’ll be trying to […]